What is Saudi FETP?
The idea of starting a postgraduate program in Epidemiology evolved from the need of  
the Ministry of Health to staff positions in the preventive medicine divisions, both  
within the Ministry and in Health Regions, with qualified practicing Saudi  
epidemiologists, highly trained in the area of discovering and combating epidemics, and  
in improving preventive programs.
The Assistant Deputy Ministry of Preventive Medicine - Ministry of Health, Kingdom of  
Saudi Arabia along with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta,  
USA, and King Saud University, developed the “Field Epidemiology Training Program”  
The program started accepting trainees in 1409 H (1989 G). The duration of training is  
two years ......
Diploma in Field Epidemiology (DFE) is one of the main teaching activity of FETP. DFE is a postgraduate Diploma awarded by King Saud University College of Medicine - Riyadh and is recognized as equivalent to a Masters Degree by Saudi Council for Health Specialities, Ministry of Health and Bureau of Civil Services.
Diploma in Field Epidemiology Training Program (DFE)
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Field Epidemiology Training Program
Preventive Medicine Department, Ministry of Health, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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