Field Epidemiology Training Program
Preventive Medicine Department, Ministry of Health, Riyadh,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
529-30 FETP: Training Activities  (2- credit hours)
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Among the various tasks of an epidemiologist, conducting training programs for different
level of health care workers is gaining a special role. Whether this involve providing
orientation to various level of health care staff to basic concepts of epidemiology or training
staff for participation in an epidemiological study. This unit is designed to enhance the skills
of the residents in this area.

The activity will enable the resident to develop skills in training the health care
workers for participation in Epidemiological studies and teaching them in principles of

2nd year residents will be assigned along with a specialist to coordinate and lead the
practical in the basic epidemiology course of 1st year residents.
2nd year residents will deliver revision lectures in the topics of principles of
epidemiology or other topics of interest to all the residents.
During their own epidemiological studies residents will be expected to organize
training program for the data collectors.
The activity will be spread over 1st and 2nd semesters of the 2nd year training

This study unit will contribute 200 marks to the final evaluation. Detailed distribution of
marks will be as under:
All such training activities will be recorded in the logbook of resident.
Participating practical training for first year
Delivering lecture on a topic in epidemiology
50% of the marks will be given by the teaching staff member, supervising the activity and
50% will be given by the academic coordinator of the program in FETP.
Diploma in Field Epidemiology (DFE) Course Layout
501 FETP: Principles of Epidemiology 502 FETP: Bio-statistics 503 FETP: Epidemiologic Application of Microcomputers 504 FETP: Infectious Disease Epidemiology 505 FETP: Chronic Disease Epidemiology 506 FETP: Scientific Writing and Report Preparation 507 FETP: Public Health Programs 508 FETP: Seminars in Epidemiology I 509 FETP: Seminar in Epidemilogy II 510 FETP: Seminar in Epidemilogy III
Diploma in Field Epidemiology (DFE) Course Unit
511 FETP: Seminar in Epidemilogy IV 512 FETP: Seminar in Epidemilogy V 513 FETP: Epidimiology Practice I 514 FETP: Epidimiology Practice II 515 FETP: Epidimiology Practice III 516 FETP: Epidimiology Practice IV 517 FETP: Epidimiology Practice V 518 FETP: Outbreak Investigations I 519 FETP: Outbreak Investigations II 520 FETP: Outbreak Investigations III
521 FETP: Outbreak Investigations IV 522 FETP: Surveillance Systems I 523 FETP: Surveillance Systems II 524 FETP: Surveillance Systems III 525 FETP: Surveillance Systems IV 526 FETP: Long Term Project 527 FETP: Scientific Presentations II 528 FETP: Scientific Presentations I 529 FETP: Training Activities I 530 FETP: Training Activities II