Field Epidemiology Training Program
Preventive Medicine Department, Ministry of Health, Riyadh,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Admission for Diploma in Field Epidemiology (DFE)
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Eligibility Criteria:
To be eligible for DFE program admission the applicant must ...
possess an M.B.B.S. degree or equivalent with a grade of "good" or better
have satisfactorily completed the year of internship with "good" or better ratings on every service.
pass the written test and interview by the admission committee
be a Saudi national. One applicant can be accepted each year from MOH of GCC countries or Yemen.
be working in Ministry of Health, KSA. Only one applicant from other health sectors in the Kingdom can be accepted each year.
do not already posses a postgraduate qualification.
get a letter of “no objection” from his sponsor to apply in FETP and letter of release from the sponsor for the whole duration of the program in case of acceptance.
have the ability to work in the Field Epidemiology with its frequent traveling, even to far areas.
To develop the ability to train others in epidemiologic investigation
Priority will be given to recent graduates and candidates from the regions with no FETP graduates
Admission Procedure:
Application are invited by the Postgraduate Center at the College of Medicine, King
Saud University, Riyadh.

An applicant must submit the following along with application;
A copy of M.B.B.S. degree or equivalent.
A copy of the Internship certificate.
A copy of the academic record.
Two letters of recommendation.
A copy of I.D.
One photograph 4x6 cm. (for males only)
No objection certificate from sponsor of candidate for applying for admission
Letter of agreement by the sponsor of candidate for release for the duration of training program, if granted admission
All candidates have to pass a written examination and interview, on the dates as notified by
admission committee. The objective of the examination and interview is to assess the
applicant’s general understanding of the uses of epidemiology, preventive medicine and
public health; capability for independent professional activity; and capacity for leadership,
coordination, planning, and teamwork.
University Affiliation and Recongnition Status
The Diploma in Field Epidemiology is awarded by King Saud University College of Medicine -
Riyadh and is recognized as equivalent to a Masters Degree by Saudi Council for Health
Specialities, Ministry of Health and Bureau of Civil Services.