Field Epidemiology Training Program
Preventive Medicine Department, Ministry of Health, Riyadh,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
General Instructions for Residents
After In-Class Course
After the completion of theory teaching during the first 16 weeks, the training
pattern will change to practical training and application of the knowledge acquired
during the first 16 weeks. During the period residents has to complete all the
stipulated projects, training attachments and assignments; in accordance with the laid
down rules and regulations.
During this period a number of training activities are organized to cover different
components of training program in order to improve the knowledge and skills of
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This include weekly meetings on Monday called ‘Round Table’, lectures series for continued medical education, critical review of literature, data analysis exercises and evening seminars etc.
Attendance in these activities is compulsory and any resident who abstain from any of such scheduled activity will be marked absent and one day leave will be deducted from his/her annual leave quota for each of such absence. The exemption will only be granted to the residents who are on leave (Annual leave/Emergency leave/ Medical leave); out of Riyadh city due to some official business; or while in Riyadh city attending a full day conference/workshop or seminar. All other residents who are unable to attend due to some other reason (official or personal), has to get a prior permission from one of the consultants in the program, who will decide on case to case basis.
During this period, each resident will be entitled the leaves as described in relevant
section. However, the resident must attend at least 80% of the group activities like
round tables, continued education lectures, evening seminars. Failing which he/she
may be barred from appearing in final comprehensive examination.