Field Epidemiology Training Program
Preventive Medicine Department, Ministry of Health, Riyadh,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
General Instructions for Residents
Computer and Other Facilities
Computers have become an essential tool for any epidemiologist. Residents are
provided the basic training in computers in the in-class course and are later
encouraged to develop their skills in using different computer software in their
professional work.
FETP has two computer laboratories, one for the male residents other for the female
residents. They are equipped with latest computers along with printers and 24 hour
wide-band internet connection.
Computer laboratory is accessible to residents 24 hours, to do their work as suits
them. At the beginning of the program each resident is allocated a computer in the
laboratory, for the rest of duration of training program. However in order to properly
maintain the laboratory following guidelines should be followed:
§ Protecting against computer viruses
Ÿ Do not download software and emails of doubtful nature from internet. If you
get such email, simply delete them and never open them
Ÿ Whenever you put a floppy or CD in the computer, always check it first for
Ÿ All the computers are installed with antivirus programs, but they may need
regular update for virus definitions.
§ All the computers are linked to the server of the FETP, and can be used for sharing
documents among the colleagues which decrease the necessity of copying on floppy
disks and printing.
§ When you are leaving the computer laboratory always ‘shut down’ your computer
§ If you are working after the office hours and you are the last one to leave, please
always switch off the air-conditioner and other lights.
§ Printing facility is freely available but please do not misuse it for the benefit of
everyone. In this regards following may be helpful
Ÿ Do NOT print documents which you do not need or has no intention to read
Ÿ Majority of the downloaded document can well be read on computer screen,
and need not be printed and can be saved on hard disk for later use.
Ÿ Avoid printing directly from the internet, the format is usually not printer
friendly and waste a lot of paper and ink. You may copy the required text/images
into Microsoft word, delete the unnecessary items and print from there.
Ÿ If the first print command apparently does not work, do not give multiple print
commands for the same document (It will print at times dozens of copies, while
you only need one). Read the message given by the computer and respond
accordingly. If you can not figure out the reason, ask for assistance from someone
who knows computers better than you.
Ÿ For sharing document take advantage of FETP server or floppy disks.

Laptop Computers:
FETP has a limited number of laptop computers which can be issued to the residents,
for field assignments and other specific needs. The resident who need a laptop should
contact the computer incharge, while explaining his justification for its issuance. If
computer incharge agrees to the need, a laptop computer can be issued to a resident
after filling the required application form and receipt. A laptop computer may not be
issued for more than one month, in any one instance.

Telephone / Fax:
§ Facility for local calls (for official purpose) is available to residents, from the
telephone present in computer laboratories. (dial 9, 81 or 82 to get the external
§ In case, a resident need to call outside the city (for official purpose), he/she
should contact the operator for the purpose.

§ In-house photocopying facility is available only for official purpose and in limited
§ Residents are not allowed to operate the photocopying machines, they should
ask the office boys/ administrative assistants when the need arise.
§ In case photocopying in bulk is needed, the resident should contact
administrative assistant to get the documents photocopied from outside.
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