Field Epidemiology Training Program
Preventive Medicine Department, Ministry of Health, Riyadh,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
General Instructions for Residents
Leave Rules
Annual Leave:
Ÿ During the stay in the program, residents are allowed only one month of annual
leave per year in the months of summer.
Ÿ Residents are advised to give priority to the academic assignments, while
applying for the annual leave. The residents have to adjust their annual leave with
other residents in the group, so at any time at least one third of residents are
available in the Program.
Ÿ The resident has to get his leave approved by the consultant incharge, at least
4 weeks before proceeding for leave.
Ÿ In case of emergency, the annual leave may be cancelled.
Ÿ The annual leave not availed in the stipulated months of summer will not be
granted at any other time.

Emergency Leave:
Ÿ Residents are allowed 10 days emergency leave during one calendar year
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