Field Epidemiology Training Program
Preventive Medicine Department, Ministry of Health, Riyadh,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Objectives of the FETP
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Program Objectives:
The FETP intends to fortify the capacity of the MOH and other health institutions in the Kingdom
of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States to use epidemiology to find appropriate solutions to existing
and emerging health concerns. This enhanced capacity will manifest itself as a cadre of
epidemiologist trained under Arabian conditions using real, existing health problems as training
Trainees Objectives:
To gain proficiency in the fundamental principles of epidemiology and the associated epidemiologic and statistical methods.
To understand the epidemiology of the priority diseases of the Kingdom and the epidemiologic rationale underlying their control.
To apply their epidemiologic skills to the control and prevention of these priority diseases.
To acquire the confidence and proficiency to rapidly detect and investigate disease outbreaks using epidemiologic methods.
To develop the skill of defining a specific health concern and then designing and executing a long-term epidemiologic study to approach a solution.
To design, conduct, analyze and evaluate epidemiologic surveillance.
To understand and apply survey methodology.
To communicate the findings of their investigations to epidemiologist, preventive medicine specialist, the medical community at large, and lay public. The trainees will develop both written and oral communication skills. These will include preparation of scientific reports suitable for publication and oral presentations at scientific meetings.
To develop the ability to train others in epidemiologic investigation.
To be able to use microcomputers for epidemiologic analysis and report preparation.