Saudi Epidemiology Bulletin

Since 1993, FETP is publishing a quarterly scientific periodical Saudi Epidemiology Bulletin. This bulletin includes the results of epidemiological studies conducted by the staff and residents of the Field Epidemiology Training Program. So far 19 volumes of this bulletin have been published.
Year 2013 - Volume-20, Year 2014 - Volume-21, Year 2015, Volume-22, Year 2016, Volume-23
Year 2013, Volume-20
Year 2014, Volume-21
Year 2015, Volume-22
Year 2016, Volume-23
Year 2012 - Volume-19
Volume-19, Issue-1, Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Volume-19, Issue-2, Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Year 2011 - Volume-18
Volume-18, Issue-2, Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Volume-18, Issue-3, Quarter (Jul-Aug)
Volume-18, Issue-4, Quarter (Sep-Dec)
Volume-18, Issue-1, Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Volume-19, Issue-3, Quarter (Jul-Sep)
Year 2010 - Volume-17
Volume-17, Issue-2, Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Volume-17, Issue-3, Quarter (Jul-Aug)
Volume-17, Issue-4, Quarter (Sep-Dec)
Volume-17, Issue-1, Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Year 2009 - Volume-16
Volume-16, Issue-2, Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Volume-16, Issue-3, Quarter (Jul-Aug)
Volume-16, Issue-4, Quarter (Sep-Dec)
Volume-16, Issue-1, Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Year 2008 - Volume-15
Volume-15, Issue-4, Quarter (Sep-Dec)
Volume-15, Issue-3, Quarter (Jul-Aug)
Volume-15, Issue-2, Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Volume-15, Issue-1, Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Year 2007 - Volume-14
Volume-14, Issue-4, Quarter (Sep-Dec)
Volume-14, Issue-3, Quarter (Jul-Aug)
Volume-14, Issue-2, Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Volume-14, Issue-1, Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Year 2006 - Volume-13
Volume-13, Issue-4, Quarter (Sep-Dec)
Volume-13, Issue-3, Quarter (Jul-Aug)
Volume-13, Issue-2, Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Volume-13, Issue-1, Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Year 2005 - Volume-12
Volume-12, Issue-4, Quarter (Sep-Dec)
Volume-12, Issue-3, Quarter (Jul-Aug)
Volume-12, Issue-2, Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Volume-12, Issue-1, Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Year 2004 - Volume-11
Volume-11, Issue-4, Quarter (Sep-Dec)
Volume-11, Issue-3, Quarter (Jul-Aug)
Volume-11, Issue-2, Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Volume-11, Issue-1, Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Year 2003 - Volume-10
Volume-10, Issue-4, Quarter (Sep-Dec)
Volume-10, Issue-3, Quarter (Jul-Aug)
Volume-10, Issue-2, Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Volume-10, Issue-1, Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Year 2002 - Volume-09
Volume-09, Issue-4, Quarter (Sep-Dec)
Volume-09, Issue-3, Quarter (Jul-Aug)
Volume-09, Issue-2, Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Volume-09, Issue-1, Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Year 2001 - Volume-08
Volume-08, Issue-4, Quarter (Sep-Dec)
Volume-08, Issue-3, Quarter (Jul-Aug)
Volume-08, Issue-2, Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Volume-08, Issue-1, Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Year 2000 - Volume-07
Volume-07, Issue-4, Quarter (Sep-Dec)
Volume-07, Issue-3, Quarter (Jul-Aug)
Volume-07, Issue-1&2, Quarter (Jan-Jun)
Year 1999 - Volume-06
Volume-06, Issue-4, Quarter (Sep-Dec)
Volume-06, Issue-3, Quarter (Jul-Aug)
Volume-06, Issue-2, Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Volume-06, Issue-1, Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Year 1998 - Volume-05
Volume-05, Issue-3 & 4, Quarter (Jul-Dec)
Volume-05, Issue-2, Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Volume-05, Issue-1, Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Year 1997 - Volume-04
Volume-04, Issue-3 & 4, Quarter (Jul-Dec)
Volume-04, Issue-2, Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Volume-04, Issue-1, Quarter (Jan-Feb)
Year 1996 - Volume-03
Volume-03, Issue-4, Quarter (Sep-Dec)
Volume-03, Issue-3, Quarter (Jul-Aug)
Volume-03, Issue-2, Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Volume-03, Issue-1, Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Year 1995 - Volume-02
Volume-02, Issue-4, Quarter (Sep-Dec)
Volume-02, Issue-3, Quarter (Jul-Aug)
Volume-02, Issue-2, Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Volume-02, Issue-1, Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Year 1994 - Volume-01
Volume-01, Issue-5, Quarter (Sep-Dec)
Volume-01, Issue-4, Quarter (Jul-Aug)
Volume-01, Issue-3, Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Year 1993 - Volume-01
Volume-01, Issue-2, Quarter (Dec)
Volume-01, Issue-1, Quarter (Sep)
Field Epidemiology Training Program
Assistant Agency for Preventive Health, Agency for Public Health
Ministry of Health, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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