Diploma in Field Epidemiology Training Program (DFE)

University Examinations
Residents with an attendance less than 80% of the total required period will not be allowed to enter the examination at the
end of the rotation. He/she will have to repeat the rotation before getting the permission to appear in the respective
Resident is considered passed in any examination if he/she obtains 70% or more in each paper
Exact date of the different examinations are to be announced by the University Course Coordinator of Diploma

1st midterm examination
•  Examination will be held in the middle of first term, usually in 9th week of training course, while including the course
covered by that time

•  Examination will include one paper on “Principles of Epidemiology” consisting of MCQs (Marks 120)

1st term examination
To be held immediately after the completion of 1st term usually in 17th week of training course.
Examination include four papers:
Ÿ Paper I: Principles of Epidemiology  consist of MCQs (180 marks)
Ÿ Paper II: Communicable Disease Epidemiology  consists of MCQ/MEQ/Essay (140 marks)
Ÿ Paper III: Non-communicable Disease Epidemiology consist of  MCQs/MEQs /Essay (140 marks)
Ÿ Paper IV: Biostatistics consists of MCQs and statistical problems (100 Marks)

Comprehensive Examiantion
§ Only those residents will be allowed to appear in this examination who have
Ÿ Completed at least 18 months of training period in the program, with at least 80% attendance
Ÿ Submitted at least 2 reports of epidemiological studies (either both short studies or one short study with long
Ÿ passed both the 1st mid term and 1st term examinations.
Ÿ Completed all other assignments/requirements of the training program laid down in this handbook and KSU post-
graduate regulations
§ Generally to be scheduled in the end of month of September of 2nd year of training, with a resit examination after
six months
§ Examination include two papers (one paper with two parts)
Ÿ Paper I: MCQ / MEQ type questions covering whole of the curriculum covered during the training period
Ÿ Paper II: Written practical  examination to assess skills in Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Ÿ Viva Voce examination
§ It is mandatory to pass both the papers by obtaining 70% marks in each paper, to qualify for award of Diploma,
however none of the papers will contribute to the final grades awarded for each course unit.

Resit examination
§ In case of failure in any of the 1st midterm, 1st term or comprehensive examination, resident will be given only two
more chances to appear for re-evaluation.
§ In case of first midterm and term examination, the candidate will appear only in the paper in which he/she has
§ In case of Comprehensive examination, the candidate has to resit in the entire examination, even if he has failed
only one paper
§ In cases when a resident exhausts all permitted attempts, his/her case will be reviewed by the FETP Training
committee for final disposal, subject to application by the candidate through KSU postgraduate center, on case-to-case
Literature Review AssignmentLiterature Review Assignment
Literature Review AssignmentLiterature Review Assignment
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