Page 16 - Monthly Report Mar-2018
P. 16

All Tables and Graphs of the report are based on the
                                               HESN Data, Provided by

                                     Surveillance and Data Management unit,

                                    Report Designing and Preparation is by the
                                       Field Epidemiology Training Program,
                                               Ministry of Health, KSA

                                Data contained within this monthly report are based on available
                              information extracted from HESN database by the end of the month.

                               Contributions to this publication are invited in the form of concise
                              reports on surveillance issues or outbreak investigations. Please send
                              contributions to: Surveillance and Data Management Unit, Assistant
                                      Agency for Preventive Health, Ministry of Health.

                                                                       Field Epidemiology Training program &
                                  Monthly Epidemiology Report         Surveillance and Data Management unit of
                                           Mar-2018                            Ministry of Health, KSA
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