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                               ليقحلا تايئابولا جمانرب

      Issue no: July-2021
                                                   : نم يرهشلا تايئابولا ريرقت
                ةماعلا ةحصلا تايلمع زكرم  -     ليقحلا تايئابولا جمانرب -     ةيئاقولا ةحصلل ةدعاسلما ةلاكولا  -     ةماعلا ةحصلل ةحصلا ةرازو ةلاكو
                                            Monthly Epidemiology Report is published by
    The Deputy Ministry for Public Health, Assistant Agency for Preventive Health, Field Epidemiology Program (FETP) and Public Health Operation Center


       A- Summary Tables

          3     Distribution of Diseases according to Regions

          4     Distribution of Diseases according to Demography (Gender, Age, Nationality)
          5     National Surveillance Data Trends with Disease Rates

       B– Top Ten Reported Diseases in July-2021

          6     Hepatitis B
          7     Pulmonary Tuberculosis
          8     Salmonella infection

          9     Brucellosis

          10    VHF - Dengue fever
          11    Scorpion sting

          12    Amoebiasis
          13    Hepatitis C

          14    Animal Bite
          15    Chicken pox

        List of Contributors
         Assistant Deputy of Preventive Health
          Dr. Abdullah Asiri
         Field Epidemiology Program
           Dr. Sami Saeed Almudarra
           Dr. Sahibzada Azhar Mujib
         Surveillance and Data Management Unit
           Dr. Fahad Mohammad Alswaidi
           Dr. Muhra Mansi Al Alwy

                                                                    Issue No : July-2021
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