Field Epidemiology Training Program
Preventive Medicine Department, Ministry of Health, Riyadh,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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FETP Faculty
Internal Faculty
Field Epidemiology Training Program
Dr. Randa Nooh,
General Supervisor, Consultant Epidemiologist & Course Coordinator
Dr. Sami Almudarra,
Deputy Supervisor, Consultant Epidemiologist
Dr. Shady Abdulrahman Kamel,
Consultant Epidemiologist
Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Al-Asmari,
Specialist Epidemiologist
Dr. Bader Al-Ibrahim,
Specialist in Community Medicine
Dr. Mohammad Nageeb Abdalla,
Specialist Epidemiologist
Dr. Sahibzada Azhar Mujib,
Data Managment Coordinator
King Saud University - Department of Community Medicine
Dr. Ali Alhazmi,
Head of Family and Community Medicine Department
Dr. Lubna Alansary,
Professor and Head of Community Medicine Division
Dr. Randa Youssef,
Professor of Epidemiology
Dr. Salwa Tayel,
Professor of Community Medicine
Dr. Hafasah Raheel,
Assistant Professor of Community Medicine
Dr. Ibrahim Qusadi,
Assistant Professor of Community Medicine
Dr. Khawater Bahkali,
Specialist Epidemiologist
External Faculty
Consultants and specialists from different Public Health Departments of Ministry of Health  are invited to participate in teaching in their areas of expertise.