FETP Hajj Team Planning Field Activities
FETP Hajj Participation 1438H
Hajj is one of the largest Mass Gathering religious event in the world in the Holy city of Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Every year, more than two million pilgrims from all over the world travel to Saudi Arabia and perform hajj. These pilgrims may be vulnerable to various health conditions as a result of close contacts and crowdedness. This provide a great learning opportunities to study various Health effects and health related phenomenon

FETP, since the beginning of the Program is regularly participating in the Hajj. Each year Hajj team of FETP comprising of Faculty members and DFE Residents visit the Makkah and Minna area and perform number of health related activities including health studies. Each year DFE residents conduct research projects during the Hajj. The preparation of these projects starts many months before the actual Hajj event. These projects are formerly approved by FETP faculty and other concerned authorities before these are conducted during Hajj. Each resident make formal presentation of his Hajj research proposal to the faculty and his/her colleagues, where after extensive discussion and recommendation it is finalized. So before the start of Hajj period all the study proposals are finalized along with logistics and studies are ready to be executed.
This year 1438H, DFE residents also conducted numerous study projects. The list include ........

Below are some of the images of the Hajj Team of FETP 1438H performing various activities
FETP Hajj Team 1438H at Mina
FETP Hajj Team in the Field
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