Field Epidemiology Training Program
Preventive Medicine Department, Ministry of Health, Riyadh,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Epidemiology Bulletin Published by FETP
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Year 1994
Quarter (Oct-Dec)
Year 1994
Quarter (Jul-Sep)
Bulletin Volume-01 Year-1994
Year 1994
Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Measles in a school population.
Surveillance : Acute flaccid paralysis.
Tetanus toxoids and wound management.
Brucellosis in an extended family in Riyadh.
Hepatitis E in urban and rural Saudi Arabia.
Plague reports in India.
A Shigella outbreak in Barshash.
WHO goal: Eliminating neonatal tetanus.
Brucellosis in an urban setting.
Food-borne diseases, 1411-1413H.
About necrotizing fasciitis
Follow-up: Typhoid in travelers to Syria.
Brucellosis surveillance, 1986-93.
Malaria: Policies for treatment.
WHO guidelines for immunization safety.
Preventing vaccine failure.
Ensuring a safer Hajj for pilgrims.
Controlling meningitis in Makkah.
A Hajj message from MOH.