Saudi Epidemiology Bulletin

An outbreak of Salmonellosis in an extended family in Riyadh.
Tuberculosis in a prison, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, July 1993-March 1995.
Potential risk factors for acquiring cutaneous leishmaniasis in a hijra in Al-Majmaah.
Plasmodium malariae in Ahsa region, Saudi Arabia, 7994- 1995.
Acute toxic Hepatitis and acute Renal Failure in Diabetic patients using raw sheep bile as an unconventional remedy for Diabetes.
Mopping up operations for poliomyelitis.
A new development: Hepatitis A vaccine.
Carbon monoxide poisoning.
Outbreak of acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, in male schools, Makkah city, Saudi Arabia, 1994.
Unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning inside a motor-vehicle.
Rubella outbreak among police cadet training forces during Hajj 1415 H.
Rubella outbreak among police cadet training forces during Hajj 1415 H.
Food poisoning in Makkah, Hajj 1415 H.
Wristband wearing among pilgrims in Mina during Hajj 1415 H.
Risk factors for heat exhaustion among pilgrims to Makkah, Saudi Arabia, 1415 H.
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Cesarean section rates in Riyadh.
Eradicating schistosomiasis.
Reducing Measles; The Kingdom's Tuberculosis control program.
Meningitis vaccine for Hajj is available.
Dengue fever in Jeddah.
Epidemic salmonellosis from unmonitored water trucks
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