Reports from the regions: Measles reported from peripheral hospitals, Riyadh 1997. Typhoid and paratyphoid in Riyadh peripheral hospitals, 1997-98.
Mayonnaise strikes again, and again, and again, salmonellosis from three consecutive meals in one restaurant.
Drowning deaths in a desert area following unusually heavy rains.
Pre-Hajj Health related advice.
Infection Control Practices In The Private Dental Sector Riyadh, 1999.
Indirect Cantharidin Food Poisoning Caused By Eating Wild Birds, Al- Majmaa, 1999.
Bulletin-06 Year 1999
Year 1999
Quarter (Oct-Dec)
Year 1999
Quarter (Jul-Sep)
Hepatitis A outbreak in Mashash Awadh village, Majmaah district, Riyadh region, Mar 25-May 10, 1999.
Reports from the regions: Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension distribution and effect of mini clinics, 1998-1999.
Watermelon and SaImoneIIosis Outbreak in a Handicapped Institution, Madinah, July 1998.
Hepatitis E (HEV) among aborted and pregnant women in Maternity and Children's Hospital, Riyadh, 1995.
Year 1999
Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Year 1999
Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Utilization of primary health care services at Mina during Hajj 1998.
Anthropometric measurements in well-baby clinic.
Transfusion malaria in Riyadh: Is improved screening needed?
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