Saudi Epidemiology Bulletin

Utilization of Health Services at Gulf Coperation Council States, Hajj Medical Mission Clinics, Makkah, 1420 H
Health-Related Services Provided for Hospitalized Hajjis During Shifting to Arafat, 1420H.
Health Status of Nonorganized Hajjis (Muftaresheen) during 1420 H, Hajj Season.
Risk Factors of Bacterial Meningitis in Makkah during Hajj 1421 H: A Pilot Study.
Seropositivity in Clinical Influenza Cases Among Pilgrims During Hajj, 1421 H.
Chickenpox Outbreak Among Laborers In a Company Compound North Of Riyadh, 2001, Saudi Arabia.
Bulletin-08 Year 2001
Year 2001
Quarter (Oct-Dec)
Year 2001
Quarter (Jul-Sep)
An Outbreak of Food Poisoning Among Two Families in Samta City, Jazan.
Salmonella Outbreak Among Attendees of Two Wedding Parties, Riyadh.
Three Cases of Blood Transfusion Malaria in Riyadh, 2000.
Low Birth Weight and Infant Mortality in a Major Hospital in Riyadh, January- June 1999.
Year 2001
Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Year 2001
Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Risk of acquiring Rift Valley Fever in a hospital setting?
Risk Factors of Rift Valley fever Among the Samtah Population, Jazan, Saudi Arabia.
Rift Valley Fever Outbreak, Saudi Arabia, 2000.
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