Field Epidemiology Training Program
Preventive Medicine Department, Ministry of Health, Riyadh,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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Year 2005
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Year 2005
Quarter (Jul-Sep)
Bulletin Volume-12 Year-2005
Year 2005
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Year 2005
Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Tinia capitis outbreak among school students in Al Hayt, Hail, 1426 H.
Effect of use of Face mask on Hajj related Acute Respiratory Infection among Hajjis from Riyadh - A Health Promotion Intervention study.
Effect of Splenectomy on Risk of Infection and other Complications among Sickle Cell Disease patients in Al-Ahsa Area - A retrospective cohort study.
Avian Influenza: A new global threat ?
Al Muftareshoon Revisited, Hajj season 1425 H.
Evaluation of injury surveillance system in Hajj 1425 Hijra.
Knowledge and attitude of health workers about GIS and it's application in malaria control, 2004.

Knowledge of health workers at a Riyadh hospital of health care waste management.
Water Contamination in Al-Farhaneih, Hail 1424 H.
Hepatitis "A" outbreak at Al-Berk, Assir region, 2004.
Serotypes of influenza during Hajj season, 1424, 2004.