Saudi Epidemiology Bulletin

Assessment of Resident physicians and other health services provided by local health during Hajj season 1426 H.
Assessment of utilization of additional human and medical resources to primary health care centers in Makkah city during Hajj season 1426 H.
Distribution of Influenza virus during Hajj season 1426 Hijra (2005 G).
Food-borne outbreak among 4 families in Taif city, Saudi Arabia, July 2006.
Infection control practices in MOH dental clinics, Jazan, 2006.
Factors affecting the decision of marriage among incompatible couples in the Saudi premarital screening program, 1425H..
Bulletin-13 Year 2006
Year 2006
Quarter (Oct-Dec)
Year 2006
Quarter (Jul-Sep)
Hepatitis "A" Outbreak in Dhulai'a Rasheed, Al Qassiem region, 2006.
Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Physicians working in Primary Health Care Centres towards Acne vulgaris.
Knowledge and Practices of Physicians regarding prescription of antibiotics in the treatment of URTI, Riyadh, 2006.
Year 2006
Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Year 2006
Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Effectiveness of home blood glucose monitoring in controlling type II Diabetes Mellitus.
Measles situation in Riyadh region during 2004.
Impact of health education program on knowledge, attitude and practices about obesity, and overweight among Saudi girls' in a primary school, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2006.
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