Food-borne outbreak in Ahad Rafidah, Saudi Arabia, February 2009.
Hepatitis A Outbreak in Rania, Taif region, 2009.
Assessment of health services provided to pilgrims by Saudi Boy Scouts and their exposure to health risks during these activities in Hajj 1429H.
Pattern of health behavioral practices of hypertensive patients & factors influencing them, KKUH, 2009.
Food-borne outbreak in Al-Hofuf, KSA, June 2009.
Transportation of emergency cases by Saudi Red Crescent Society medical teams to health facilities in Makkah and Mina during Hajj 1429 H (2008).
Bulletin-16 Year 2009
Year 2009
Quarter (Oct-Dec)
Year 2009
Quarter (Jul-Sep)
Evaluation of buses and bus drivers in Al-Madinah AI-Monawarah during hajj Season 1429 H- 2008 G.
Pattern of diseases among visitors of Mina health centers during hajj season, 1429 H (2008G).
Alkhurma hemorrhagic fever outbreak in Najran city, South of Saudi Arabia, 2006-2009.
Year 2009
Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Year 2009
Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Prevalence of Hepatitis B and C among blood donors at Qatif central hospital, 1993-2008.
Quality of life of children with type 1 diabetes mellitus and the difficulties they and their families face.
Medical illnesses among chronic psychiatric inpatients in Taif mental hospital, Taif, Saudi Arabia, 2008 (1429H).
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