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Hepatitis "A" Outbreak in Alhysoniah Village, Eqlat Sqoor, AlQassiem Region, 2010.
Food borne Salmonella outbreak in Khaiber City, Saudi Arabia, 2009.
Food-borne Salmonella outbreak in a college, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, October 2009 (1430 H).
Life style patterns and obesity prevalence among male intermediate school students in Riyadh city, KSA
Salmonella food poisoning outbreak in Al Ahsaa governorate, Saudi Arabia, July 2010 (1431 H).
Satisfaction of Arab patients with services provided by Primary Health care Centers in Makkah & Mina during Hajj season 1430 H (2009 G).
Bulletin-17 Year 2010
Year 2010
Quarter (Oct-Dec)
Year 2010
Quarter (Jul-Sep)
The role of Hamla management in the prevention and control of food poisoning episodes in Mina during Hajj, 1430H.
Knowledge and attitude of healthcare workers at King Abdul-Aziz In-ternational Airport regarding preventive measures of communcable disease of pilgrims, jeddah 1430H.
Assessment of Knowledge and Practices of Saudi mothers giving birth at King Abdul-Aziz Specialist Hospital in Taif City regarding antenatal care.
Year 2010
Quarter (Apr-Jun)
Year 2010
Quarter (Jan-Mar)
Factors affecting primary health care services utilization by Hajjis, 1430 H.
Risk factors for relapses and recurrent admissions of schizophrenic patients, Abha Psychiatric Hospital, Abba,
July 2007- July 2009.

Mumps outbreak at three International schools in the Eastern region 2009 (1430 H).
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